Test BlaB! WS using our websocket servers. Submit your email at the bottom of this page and within 24 hours you will receive Server URL, ACCESSKEY & PROXYPASS TOKEN.
  • Install BlaB! WS (client) anywhere (any PHP/MYSQL shared host) even on localhost. At STEP 1 (server path, server port, accesskey etc) leave the settings as they are.
  • Go to Admin CP ยป Server remove server port 9001 and enter Server URL, ACCESSKEY & PROXYPASS TOKEN.
  • Select Protocol: wss if you load BlaB! WS (client) with https in the URL.
  • Save with OKAY, press ESC for MENU, hit EXIT and start chatting.

Please understand that this service is for testing purposes only. The server will be yours for 48 hours and after that the ACCESSKEY will be changed. We provide software to build your own independent chat system, we do not host it and currently we do not provide hosting or SaaS solutions.

Page updated: 2017-12-09