Machines are NOT bots and there is no AI behind. You may expect some sort of Artificial Intelligence or you may expect to make them act in a different way - you would be wrong. Machines can do what is explained on these pages - no more, no less.

News Machine

News Machine scans public messages and posts news on a predefined topic in a particular language or from a particular country when a keyword match is found. Settings: AdminCP » Machines » News Machine. Keywords/news pairs are called subsets. Subsets are applied alphabetically after TheGodFather and the first match takes precedence.


Optionally, setup a new user to appear in the online list in chat: NewsMaster (choose any name). A new user can be created from AdminCP » Users. This user has a status guest so if you plan to delete guests with CRONJOBS or manually, it is a good idea to set a password/email. Also, you can set avatar/motto - there is a preloaded avatar in the folder /img: img/newsmaster.svg. Remember userID and groupID of your new user:

News Machine relies on a 3rd party service to download the news. You need to register and get your API key at A CRONJOB can be set to download fresh news daily (hourly). News Machine subsets allows you to send two types of queries to newsapi: Everything (topic) e.g. bitcoin, brexit, music or Latest news (country/global).

Import demo subsets

ACP » Machines » News Machine » New subset » Import


Stopwords can be set in AdminCP » Machines. Stopwords are not sent to chat, and if a stopword is also used as a keyword for TheGodFather, News Machine and GIF Machine, the actual message that triggers the corresponding machine is never visible.

Page updated: 2022-01-04
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