Guest unable to login

For security reasons guests can login to chat if 1 or 2 is true.

  1. Their username is new and does not exist in the database.
  2. Their username is in the database and is associated with their IP.

Example: John logins as guest for the first time on Tuesday and his IP is - is linked to John's guest account and a login cookie is set on his computer. John closes his browser and comes back the next day. John is recognized with the help of the login cookie, his IP is now - is linked to John's guest account as well. On Friday John is again in chat but on exiting clicks on the logout button - the login cookie is deleted from John's computer.

From that moment on John can login to chat as John from and only!

In case you do not want to store user IPs in the database there is an option $norealips in config.php. If turned on user IPs will be saved in the database as SHA1 hashes. All other functionality stays unchanged.

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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