BlaB! Pages

A simple, easy to understand and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that lets you deploy a new website for your BlaB! chat in minutes separating code, UI and content.

Drop a bunch of text files in blab-pages-content, adjust the menu blab-pages-content/menu.json and your website is ready to go with a "who's online in chat" widget on the front page.

BlaB! Pages accepts markdown formatting: *italic* = italic, **bold** = bold, bullet list with * in front, numbered list with 1. 2. 3., links, images, tables etc. You can mix mardown with HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.


BlaB! Pages
35 USD
one-time fee
+ VAT/SaleTax if applicable
Free bonus: VIP Shop & all TGF extensions
Tax based on your location such as VAT in EU, Norway, Switzerland & Taiwan, GST in Australia & New Zealand and Sales Tax in some US states will be added if applicable. is responsible for calculating, collecting and sending VAT / GST / Sales Tax to your state/country. VAT registered company? Enter your VAT ID in the provided box to purchase without VAT.
BlaB! AX/WS Pro account is required! On a successful purchase your order will be processed within 24 hours - within 24 hours your account at our support center will be added to a group with permissions to download BlaB! Pages. You will have access to the latest BlaB! Pages as long as you have an active BlaB! AX Pro or BlaB! WS Pro account at our support center.

Page updated: 2024-01-17