BlaB! Pages

BlaB! Pages is a simple, easy to understand and easy to use Content Management System. The main purpose of BlaB! Pages is to provide you with a tool to deploy a new website for your BlaB! chat in minutes separating code, UI and content.

BlaB! Pages uses Parsedown to display markdown formatted content. Drop a bunch of markdown documents in blab-pages-content, set up a menu in blab-pages-content/menu.json and your website is ready to go with a "who's online in chat" widget on the front page. See our BlaB! Pages demo for details.


BONUS PACK: additional themes and BlaB! Pages Editor

BlaB! Pages Editor

Anyone who has purchased BlaB! WS Pro or BlaB! AX Pro and with an active account for our support center - we provide as a bonus pack 15 professionally designed and 100% compliant HTML5/CSS3 themes and BlaB! Pages Editor - a tool to manage your content files. You can download the bonus pack under DOWNLOADS.


Page updated: 2020-07-15

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