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BlaB! WS is a free realtime group chat system (client & server) based on websockets. Both client app and Admin CP are with responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, support all modern browsers (incl. mobile browsers), HiDPI displays ready (no raster images). BlaB! WS is tiny - all that users load with their browsers is less than 150kB (50kB gzipped) in 5 HTTP requests (incl. sounds, emoticons and other images; stickers are loaded on request) and 95% of this content is cached for further use. The client side is written in PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript and using MySQL as a backend. The server side is written in Python and compiled with all dependencies in a single executable file.

Requirements (self-hosted client, server hosted on our servers)

Requirements (self-hosted client & self-hosted server)


ESC-centric - the ESC key closes any element that is on top and opens the main panel in chat and the menu in Admin CP. On mobile, a swipe from the left edge opens the main panel in chat and the menu in Admin CP. Users can scroll with arrow keys, mouse wheel and by dragging. A double click swaps between select mode and drag to scroll mode.

FAQ / Demo

How to install (self-hosted client, server hosted on our servers)

How to install (self-hosted client & self-hosted server)

Quick guides in 4 easy steps

How to install BlaB! WS Full Guide
Extended combined guide with videos, troubleshooting, how to start on boot etc


Notifications - select sounds & create your own notification file

Need more? Admin panel with advanced features, mottos, avatars, user groups with permissions, private one-2-one chat, file sharing, integration with popular scripts such as Invision Board, vBulletin, Simple Machines, phpBB, MyBB, Woltlab Suite, Xenforo, Vanilla, WordPress, Joomla and more?

BlaB! WS Pro

Page updated: 2018-05-23

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