BlaB! WS Pro

BlaB! WS Pro is a realtime web chat system (client & server) based on websockets. Just like BlaB! WS (free) you have your own websocket server and you do not depend on 3rd party services. Client app and Admin CP are with mobile friendly responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, support any browser and HiDPI displays ready. BlaB! WS Pro is tiny - all that users load with their browsers is less than 200kB (about 60kB gzipped) in 5 HTTP requests and most of it is cached (including interface elements, JS/CSS files, sound notifications and emoticons; does NOT include avatars, stickers, audio & video which are loaded if/when needed). The client side is written in PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript and using MySQL as a backend. The server side is written in Python and compiled with all dependencies in a single executable file.






ESC-centric - the ESC key closes any element that is on top and opens the main panel in chat and the menu in Admin CP. On mobile, a swipe from the left edge opens the main panel in chat and the menu in Admin CP. Users can scroll with arrow keys, mouse wheel and by dragging. A double click swaps between select mode and drag to scroll mode.


Any file can be uploaded and posted in chat: images, audio mp3 and video mp4 that are recognized automatically and can be played while a link to any other file is displayed instead. Users can share and watch YouTube & Vimeo videos, Giphy GIFs, post & listen to SoundCloud tracks, playlists and AudioBoom podcasts. Users can post an address and display in chat a map (Google Maps), source code (the language is recognized and highlighted) and there is also an IRC-like /roll dice feature (up to 99d99 with sum/avg).


BlaB! WS Pro does NOT support channels/rooms. Why not? In short: isolation, scalability and performance. If you need multiple channels/rooms simply install as many copies of the client as you need (no additional cost) and run multiple instances of the server. The clients can be integrated to a forum/CMS or to a different copy of BlaB! WS Pro so that users login once and enter the channels/rooms directly. We have instructions (+video guide) how to do this.


Integration with forums and CMS

BlaB! WS Pro supports integration with IPS Suite (v4.x), Joomla, MyBB, phpBB3 (3.1+), Simple Machines, Vanilla, vBulletin (v5.x), Woltlab Suite, WordPress, Xenforo. People registered and logged onto your forum/CMS enter the chat with their usernames directly, without a login prompt.

If you would like to integrate with another forum/CMS - contact us prior to placing your order.

BlaB! WS Pro is NOT a Module, Plugin, Add-on. It does NOT touch your forum/CMS installation so that you can upgrade it easily and even switch BlaB! WS Pro to work with another, e.g. you can remove phpBB and install vBulletin and by replacing a couple of variables, BlaB! WS Pro will recognize your vBulletin users the same way it did it with phpBB. The registration/login part of BlaB! WS Pro still exists. It depends on your settings whether people are allowed to register new BlaB! WS Pro accounts.

You can import user groups from your forum or CMS so that moderators are moderators in chat, those who are banned are not allowed to send chat messages etc. A Forum/CMS user enters the chat with permissions based on their PRIMARY group from your forum/CMS no matter how many groups he/she is a members of. There are also some differences:

We provide information and step-by-step instructions how to embed BlaB! WS Pro into IPS Suite 4, Joomla, MyBB, phpBB, Vanilla, vBulletin 5, Woltlab Suite, WordPress and Xenforo using an available option in their ACP to create static pages or a similar plugin.



  • BlaB! WS Pro: USD 75 (excl. VAT)
  • Allows you to run multiple instances (client & server) under one domain.
  • One year support and upgrades (not a subscription; your chat will continue to work afterwards).



BlaB! WS Pro Demo Members Area


Members Only!

Notifications - select sounds & create your own notification file
  • Download emoticon packs {Emoji One - default & Noto Emoji}
    Unzip and replace emocodes.php and emoticons.css in the main BlaB! WS Pro (client) folder. To avoid loading a cached CSS file reset the anti-cache string in Admin CP ยป Settings.

  • Download sticker packs
    Unzip and upload in a separate folder(s) under /stickers. All stickers are editable with Inkscape.

Page updated: 2017-12-12