BlaB! AX/WS Pro web chat screenshot
BlaB! AX Pro
BlaB! AX on steroids. Machines, doodles, 🏅 VIP users, file sharing, voice & video messages. Single sign-in with forums & CMS - phpBB, vBulletin, Joomla, WordPress + custom integration. Can be installed on any hosting server that supports PHP/MySQL (any shared hosting).

BlaB! WS Pro
Realtime websocket chat (client & server). voice and video calls, voice & video messages, doodles, machines, VIP users, single sign-in with forums & CMS. The client can be installed anywhere, the websocket server requires a Linux VPS or our websocket service - $990/mo.

BlaB! AX
Free group chat script, using AJAX as a transport system and MySQL as a database storage. Multiple rooms, private chats, mobile friendly. Simple installation on any hosting server that supports PHP/MySQL. Hosting panel with Softaculous? Install with their automated installation.

BlaB! Pages
Easy to understand and use Content Management System to deploy a new website for your chat in minutes separating code, UI and content. Drop a bunch of text files in the content folder, adjust menu.json and your chat site is ready to go with a "who's online in chat" widget on the front page.



AJAX is short of asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Using AJAX, the browser (client) sends data to and retrieves it from a web server in the background. A chat based on AJAX, queries the web server at intervals in order to receive new chat messages. No special requirements, AJAX can be used on any shared hosting account.
WebSocket is a protocol, that provides full-duplex communication channel. The websocket server transmits the chat messages to the clients instantly, in realtime. Any modern browser is a websocket client. You need a VPS with root privileges to install a websocket server. Shared hosting cannot be used.

Page updated: 2022-04-14