The Quick and Dirty Guide to Monetizing Your Chat

Your chat is now successful with a crowd visiting daily, and the cost of maintaining all the stuff - admins, moderators, hosting expenses etc is getting higher and higher. Here is our quick guide explaining the methods of monetizing your BlaB! chat. All methods are applicable to BlaB! AX Pro and BlaB! WS Pro and the methods can be combined. VIP Users, Referral links & Affiliate programs are considered most effective. BlaB! AX and BlaB! WS are restricted to monetizing with donations and targeted ads.

  1. VIP Users
  2. Referral links & affiliate programs
  3. Donations & direct funding
  4. Targeted ads
Read, think and do NOT copy/paste blindly! 
Obviously, AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE is not linked to your bank account!


VIP Users

BlaB! AX/WS Pro has a flexible VIP system to temporarily upgrade the status of the user by applying a VIP code. Wonder about temporarily? You choose - from one hour to 10 years. The elevated permissions are based on group permissions so that any group permission is eligible to be put behind VIP. A quick list - change text color, change online/away/NA, upload avatar, upload files, post YouTube videos, post source code & text streams, create quizzes, post GIFs and stickers, see a map with the location of other chatters, submit BLINGs, doodles, see chat history, send voice/video messages.

You can sell VIP codes by installing and using any online store software you are familiar with or which is popular in your region, or you just generate a bunch of VIP codes and sell them through MyCommerce, e-Junkie, Simpe Goods. We also provide a separate paid add-on VIP-SHOP to sell VIP codes directly using Stripe as a payment processor.

Regular users ยป VIP (temporarily elevated permissions)


When we talk about VIP statuses, the most popular method is to lock some features of your chat behind that VIP status. Regular users are allowed to chat, send emoticons and stickers and see inline ads. VIP users do not see inline ads, can send voice and video messages, upload files and change their avatar picture.

Restricted users ยป VIP (temporarily restored permissions)


Chat offenders could be a real pain to deal with. Let them pay for their excess. A chatter breaking the rules? 1st time - booted & muted, 2nd time - booted & banned, 3rd time - booted & moved to the group OFFENDERS with restricted permissions and with a welcome message: If you want to restore your chat privileges buy a VIP code here!

How to advertise your VIP codes

Well, that's easy.

Referral links & affiliate programs

Referral links and affiliate programs are one of the best ways to get your hands on some real money. Unlike targeted ads that require static content and run JavaScript code you do not control, referral & affiliate links are not subject to abuse and companies that provide such links do not care how and where you put them. You get paid when a user, following a link from your chat, subscribes to a service or purchases some goods from the company. Ad-blockers do not block such links, and if you are unbelievably mean and evil you can shorten your links with,, to squeeze extra cash.


Inline ads with Time Machine

Use Time Machine (AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Time Machine) to display inline ads: text, referral & affiliate links and image banners every XX minutes. Time Machine accepts in the sequences any sort of HTML (including iframe tags) but JavaScript code requires user interaction.


Monetize your chat with a affiliate/referral link to
Monetize your chat with a affiliate/referral link to

AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Time Machine ยป New sequence: enter {TEXT} as a message template. Items:

<img src="IMAGE-URL-HERE.JPG" style="width:360px;border:2px solid #000;max-width:100%;height:auto" alt="" onclick="wopen('',1)">
<img src="IMAGE-URL-HERE.JPG" style="width:360px;border:2px solid #fff;max-width:100%;height:auto" alt="" onclick="wopen('',1)">

Text links with Time Machine?
AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Time Machine ยป New sequence: Use the default message template. Items:

Jump start your crypto with <b>COINBASE</b>! <b class="pointer x_accent_fg" onclick="wopen('',1)">Sign up</b> and get started today!
<b class="pointer x_accent_fg" onclick="wopen('',1)">Robinhood</b> - Investing for Everyone.

Where to find referral & affiliate links?,,,, Google or:


Inline ads on demand with TheGodFather

TheGodFather (AdminCP ยป Machines ยป TheGodFather) answers with predefined messages on a keyword match - an excellent way to provide your chatters with an opportunity to click on referral & affiliate links that look just like any other link posted in chat.

affiliate links and referrals

AdminCP ยป Machines ยป TheGodFather ยป New subset:

Keywords: web, hosting, vps, php, html, script, css, seo, wordpress, joomla, database, sql, bootstrap


I have always had issues with those bloody hosting companies. are simply the best - extras, support & price. 
As we speak about this I believe is a great option to have your very own server.
The safe way to run a WordPress site is with managed WP hosting. You sleep soundly knowing someone else is responsible for upgrading WP.
No one beats [b][/b]! for a web app. Inexpensive and scalable.


Fullscreen ads with Bling Machine & Aunt Hedwig

Unfamiliar with Bling Machine and Aunt Hedwig? Bling Machine (AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Bling Machine) displays in chat fullscreen content - animations, web pages, videos. Aunt Hedwig (AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Aunt Hedwig) posts chat messages triggered by external events.

Combine Bling Machine and Aunt Hedwing to display fullscreen ads at intervals:


Fullscreen ads on demand with Bling Machine & TheGodFather

Make TheGodFather answer with a fullscreen BLING ad on a keyword match:

AdminCP ยป Machines ยป TheGodFather ยป New subset:

Keywords: cloud, android, backup, storage Phrases: BLING-KEY

Here is the pCloud ad from the video above (AdminCP ยป Machines ยป Bling Machine ยป {BLING} ยป Import ยป Paste+ENTER):


Donations & direct funding

You have a great community that you love and it loves you for providing them with means to communicate. Well, such extraordinary people do not deserve to be treated with ads and would willingly provide some funds to help you manage your service. Just show a link in chat to your PayPal, GoFundME, Fundly, Patreon:

AdminCP ยป Settings ยป Welcome message:

We appreciate your financial assistance whatever it may be! 
<b class="pointer x_accent_fg" onclick="wopen('',1)">We are on Patreon</b>


Targeted ads

Targeted ads e.g. Google AdSense require static content - web pages, in order that content to be indexed and relevant ads displayed. Displaying targeted ads in any web chat is not highly effective, as indexing bots do not see your chat messages.

From version 21.09 both BlaB! AX Pro and BlaB! WS Pro feature a SEO Page (AdminCP ยป Additions ยป SEO Page) - a sort of a landing page where you provide some information about your chat and the latest 100 messages from room #1 to help indexing bots retrieve relevant content. SEO Page is not visible to users - JavaScript enabled browsers are redirected to the chat/login page and the description and the last 100 messages are within NOSCRIPT tags. This is a legitimate method and NOT the so called cloaking which displays different content to search engines, and usually results in removing your website from the index. You serve users and indexing bots the same page.

Where to put targeted ads


Page updated: 2024-01-03