blabws-server-pro hosting

blabws-server and blabws-server-pro console screenshot

We offer websocket hosting as a separate service for 9.90 USD/mo. BlaB! WS Pro client can be installed on any PHP/MySQL enabled host or web hosting service. Any inexpensive shared hosting you are familiar with will do. We provide a mobile friendly, easy-to-use console (see the screenshot) to manage your websocket server.
Having the chat client installed on your own host lets you keep full control over the chat system - add, enable or disable machines, use custom avatars and sticker packs, your own BLINGs, change the look, setup a splash page, add a radio stream etc etc.

How to install (Cpanel)

How to install (FTP)

In order to download BlaB! WS Pro client you have to purchase the initial pack: BlaB! WS Pro - 35 USD (selfhosted client + 3 months websocket hosting) which provides you with 3 months websocket server hosting, free installation service, access to our support center, download area and ticket system. Renewal is 9.90 USD/mo. Discounts are available if you purchase 5+ months.

Terms & Conditions

One websocket server = one chat channel with multiple rooms - see channels and rooms. We will provide you with a second instance for free upon request and in case the client is installed under the same domain.

Our servers are located in London (UK), Houston (USA) and Prague (Czech Republic). You are responsible for the content of the text messages transmitted through your server. In the case of illegal activity we will provide any possible help if requested from any EU or US based authority including but not limited to access to server logs and IP addresses.

Page updated: 2022-12-14