blabws-server & blabws-server-pro Server Hosting

We offer blabws-server and blabws-server-pro hosting as a separate service. Both BlaB! WS client and BlaB! WS Pro client can be installed on any PHP/MySQL enabled host (Linux or Windows), any shared hosting service and even on localhost. You will have a mobile friendly, easy-to-use console (see the screenshots) to manage your server:

How to install

In order to download BlaB! WS Pro client you have to purchase it and it comes with 2-month server hosting included.

Terms & Conditions

Want to test? Contact us.


  • blabws-server & blabws-server-pro hosting USD 990 / Server / Month.
  • We accept PayPal, credit cards and wire transfers.
  • This is NOT a subscription and you will NOT be billed automatically at the end of the period.
  • Renew at anytime and the purchased months will be added to your current balance.
  • Pay 5 months and get one month free; pay 10 months and get 2 months free.
blabws-server & blabws-server-pro hosting - USD 990 / Server / Month

Page updated: 2018-02-25

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