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A progressive web application (PWA) is an application delivered through the web and built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices. PWA apps only work with SSL (https) websites.


The settings of the PWA app - app name, background color, fullscreen/standalone etc reside in a file named pwa.manifest in the main chat folder. The file can be edited from the AdminCP directly. App icon as 3 separate PNG images is available in the subfolder /app.

PWA Builder

PWA Builder allows you to turn your PWA app into a MacOS, IOS, Windows10/11 or Android app that can be submitted to the corresponding app store e.g. Google Play.

We do NOT provide any support regarding PWA Builder.


Steps how to create an Android .APK file:

  1. Make sure that your PWA app is ready to use - name, short name, icons etc are set in pwa.manifest, you can install the app on your device and all works as expected. SSL (https) is a must!

  2. Go to: PWA Builder and submit the URL of your PWA app: https://URL.COM/CHAT/

    • You app will be evaluated - in order to continue the score must be 100:
      • MANIFEST 40
      • SECURITY 20
    • Hit Build My PWA
  3. You'll be provided with download links - download the Android package.

    • Unzip the downloaded ZIP file (keep a copy of the ZIP file, it contains the keystore and the password your app has been signed with).
    • Create a new folder .well-known in your web root folder: https://URL.COM/.well-known and upload assetlinks.json from the ZIP package to https://URL.COM/.well-known/ - this ensure that you own the domain.
  4. Install the .apk file from the ZIP package on your Android device and test.

  5. Here you have instructions how to submit your new app to Google Play.

Proof of concept: Download here our BlaB! WS Pro Android app created with PWA Builder

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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