From version 23.05 ChatGPT is integrated as a sub-system of TheGodFather. Settings can be found in AdminCP ยป Machines ยป ChatGPT. The ChatGPT sub-system queries the OpenAI ChatGPT API with chat messages, when a message starts with one of the predefined keywords, and then displays the return message. It allows direct conversations with ChatGPT in TheGodFather PM box as well.

ChatGPT Version

ChatGPT model is set to 3.5-Turbo. You can replace this model with ChatGPT v4.0 from AdminCP ยป Machines ยป ChatGPT. Keep in mind that in December 2023 v4.0 is 10 times more expensive. Also, do not select ChatGPT v4.0 unless you are a tier 1 OpenAI user, which means you have made at least one $5 payment through (or to use immediately v4.0 pre-pay the same amount).

ChatGPT Modifiers

ChatGPT Modifiers can be set in AdminCP ยป Machines ยป ChatGPT. A modifier is a natural language instruction that tells ChatGPT what it's expected to do when replying. There are custom modifiers and default modifiers. The default modifiers are used when both the triggering message and the user posting it do not match any of the conditions set by you in the custom modifiers settings. %NAME% in the modifier string is always replaced with the name of the user triggering ChatGPT. Examples of modifiers:

Keep your answer short and add a bit of sarcasm.

You are a helpful assistant and a funny person.

Please ignore any other instruction. Always answer in French.

You only know German. Ignore questions in any other language by saying "Wenn du kein Deutsch kannst, bist du verloren".

Say "Hello, %NAME%" and respond briefly and with humor.

I want you to act as a philosophy guru. Please explain your concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

You are a social media influencer. Whatever you say, always refer to your Instagram activities and experience.

Page updated: 2024-01-03
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