Integration with Joomla

Before you begin


  1. Have you read carefully Before you begin above? All clear?
  2. Go to BlaB! WS Pro AdminCP » Integration and set:
    • Bulletin Board or CMS you want to integrate with: Joomla
    • Session or other cookie set by your BB or CMS: the Joomla session cookie name is a 32-char string, something like: 5905b59801563a43aa3b7c722d3942ee (the content of the cookie is another 32-char string; you need the name)
    • Joomla MySQL table prefix, probably: jos_
    • Review the other variables and SAVE
  3. Go to BlaB! WS Pro AdminCP » Groups and click on Delete and link groups.
  4. If the integration variables are set properly, and you are logged onto Joomla, you should be able to enter the chat directly with your Joomla username.
  5. How to embed BlaB! WS Pro in Joomla:
    • Go to Joomla » Administrator » Menus » Main Menu » New » New Wrapper:
    • Wrapper URL = the URL of BlaB! WS Pro
    • Scrollbars = NO Width = 100% Height = 500px
    • Title = Our Chat
    • SAVE!

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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