All stickers reside in subfolders under the folder /stickers. The name of each subfolder is the name of the corresponding sticker group in chat. You can easily upload more stickers in the existing subfolders or in new subfolders under /stickers. Stickers can be downloaded from the product page or you can use your own images in SVG/PNG/JPG/GIF/WEBP format. Keep in mind that the list of stickers is cached server side and on every change you have to Rebuild & Uncache with the pink button from AdminCP ยป Settings.


WEBP animated stickers

WEBP animated stickers are supported from version 21.01. Animated stickers can be installed just like normal stickers:

WebP is an image format developed by Google. It is a derivative of the VP8 video format and is a sister project to the WebM multimedia container format. WebP provides excellent quality in files with a reasonable size. Presently all modern browsers support WebP natively.

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Page updated: 2022-10-05
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