How to install on Vesta panel

Installing BlaB! WS Pro on a Vesta Panel managed server is extremely easy and in case you can SFTP with Filezilla with username root you don't even need to run any terminal commands. You are supposed to have a default or close to default Vesta panel configured website - PHP, MariaDB, Nginx as a frontend proxy and SSL enabled.


Step 1

Download blabws-server-pro 32-bit or 64-bit, unzip and upload the folder blabws-server-pro under your own directory so that the absolute path to the blabws-server-pro executable file is: /home/USER/blabws-server-pro/blabws-server-pro

Step 2

Make a backup and then add the following block within the server block of your website ( just before the last } ) in the Nginx config:

location /MyWsServer/ {
    proxy_http_version 1.1;
    proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
    proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";
    proxy_read_timeout 600s;
    # connection will be closed after 600 seconds of inactivity

You CANNOT do this from Vesta Panel. Use Filezilla or SSH/nano.

Nginx config file: /home/USER/conf/web/YOUR_WEBSITE_URL.COM.nginx.ssl.conf

Save and restart Nginx from Vesta Panel » Server or systemctl reload nginx

Step 3

Download BlaB! WS Pro (client), unzip the content in an empty folder and upload it to your server under your website directory:


( where USER is the username you login to Vesta panel with, and YOUR_WEBSITE_URL.COM the URL of your website )

CHMOD blabwspro/config.php to 666, blabwspro/attachments to 777, navigate with your browser to YOUR_WEBSITE_URL.COM/blabwspro/index.php and follow the instructions (3 steps only):

Step 4

At the end of the installation process you'll see a link to the Admin CP - go to Server, and set:

Save with OKAY, start your server from BOARD » SERVER STATUS, press the ESC key to display the menu, hit EXIT to go to chat.


Page updated: 2022-10-05
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