(BlaB! WS Pro v20.11+)

A new quiz game can be created from PANEL ยป Files & Media by users that are members of a group with permission L. A quiz game consists of 10 random questions from a preselected category. Scores are kept in the database and a global score per user is calculated and displayed when users start a new quiz game or reload an already-played one. You can have in the database unlimited categories with an unlimited number of question/answer pairs.

Settings and an option to import quizsets are to be found in AdminCP ยป Settings ยป Quizzes. A quizset that can be imported in the database as a category is a plain text file with UTF8 encoding. Each line of this file contains the following elements separated by a vertical line: one question, 4 answers, correct answer (A, B, C or D). A line that does not have 5 vertical lines or the sixth element is different from A, B, C, D is deemed invalid. You should have 2, 3 or 4 answers. Examples:

This drink contains caffeine.|Mineral water|Coffee|Orange juice|Beer|B
The word abacus derives from a Hebrew word, meaning:|Dust|Movement|||A

Ready to use quizsets to import as categories in the database can be found in our download center. You have to unzip the downloaded ZIP file(s), and upload the unzipped .quizset files one by one from AdminCP ยป Settings ยป Quizzes.

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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