From version 22.01 on, the default avatar system is based on Multiavatar and dynamically generates a list of high quality SVG images presented to the user to choose from. Alternatively, users are allowed to upload a custom avatar - an image file with an extension jpg|jpeg|png. Both methods are affected by group permissions. You can turn off Multiavatar and switch to preloaded avatars from AdminCP ยป Settings ยป General.

Preloaded avatars

All preuploaded avatars reside in the folder /avatars. You can upload more images in SVG/GIF/JPG/PNG/WEBP format. Remember to Rebuild & Uncache from ACP ยป Settings. The avatars will be scaled automatically to 80x80px in the avatar list and to 60x60px in the user profile. It is recommended to use SVG images with 1:1 aspect ratio. The accepted symbols in the names of the avatar files are: ASCII A to z, digits and dots.

Uploading custom avatars

Users can upload a custom avatar from Panel ยป Avatar & Motto. The folder /attachments must be CHMODed to 777 (Scroll down for help). PHP fileinfo extension enabled is strongly recommended (PHP fileinfo is enabled by default from PHP 5.3.0 on). Optionally PHP GD extension enabled in order to crop and scale images. The max filesize of the uploaded image can be increased from AdminCP ยป Settings.



CHMOD means to change the permissions (Read, Write, Execute) of a file or a folder on a Linux computer. You can do this easily with an FTP program - right click on a file or a folder and look for File permissions. Most FTP programs provide a field to enter a numeric value.

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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