Reordering the online list

(BlaB! AX Pro v21.01+)

We consider ordering the online list alphabetically to make searching a particular user easier. From version 21.01 on you can reorder the users in the online list by groupID, config.php: $ousr_by_group=1; or $ousr_by_group=2; for a reverse order. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 21.01 simply add the line. Users will be ordered by groupID: low ยป high or high ยป low.

GroupIDs are inserted automatically in the database (AUTO_INCREMENT) when you add new groups and cannot be changed afterwards. Any attempt to change groupIDs in the database may lead to disastrous results!

How to put groups with admin/mods on top on a newly installed chat

config.php: $ousr_by_group=1; then AdminCP ยป Groups

Page updated: 2024-04-18
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