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Login with Facebook is now deprecated! Why? Facebook's requirements for app developers are countless. The last of these, proving with documentation that you own a legal business in your country of residence, made us discontinue the "Login with Facebook" feature. If you have any users that are actively using it, setup a welcome message with instruction how to Self-DELETE & FORGET and create a normal account. The link to Facebook Login on AdminCP » Settings page is going to disappear soon. For a while you will be able to navigate to the page by entering the URL manually: admin.php?q=fbook
  1. Navigate to FBDev: Facebook for Developers and Add a New App.
  2. Choose name for your app, Select a Scenario: Integrate Facebook Login and Confirm.
  3. FBDev » PRODUCTS » Facebook Login » Settings
    • Enter Facebook OAuth Redirect URI: Copy/paste from AdminCP » Settings » Facebook Login (will NOT work without https!)
    • example:
  4. Enable Login from Devices and Embedded Browser OAuth Login and Save Changes.
  5. Copy/paste your Facebook APP ID & APP CLIENT TOKEN in the corresponding boxes in AdminCP » Settings » Facebook Login and save with OKAY.
    • APP ID location: App » Settings » Basic
    • CLIENT TOKEN location: App » Settings » Advanced » Security
  6. To disable Facebook logins remove APP ID from AdminCP » Settings » Facebook Login.

Page updated: 2024-04-18
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