(BlaB! AX Pro v20.09+)

Users who are willing to share their location are displayed on a map with their avatars (v20.09+) which is accessible from the animated globe icon (top/right, first from the left). This feature can be disabled/enabled per group. The map is accessible from AdminCP as well. Users are allowed to disable their location and delete the record at any time. Settings such as map center, initial and maximum zoom, inaccuracy when saving location are available under AdminCP ยป Settings ยป Places.

Places relies on Geolocation API and works with SSL only. Desktop browsers and devices that do not have GPS, WiFi, 3/4G hardware provide their position with a built-in mechanism which in most cases is the known position of their IP address. Smartphones determine and provide their position using GPS, bluetooth, WiFi and mobile networks. Geolocation API is not always accurate and the reported position can be faked with software or by injecting false data.

In case of an error e.g. a smartphone with location services turned off, a desktop browser with location turned off in settings or by a plugin, OS that does not understand the request to provide coordinates or unwilling to answer - the returned error message is presented to the user. The error is not in our software but upstream - browser, OS, hardware.

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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