Integration with Woltlab Suite

Before you begin


From version 5.4, Woltlab changed their session management. The required session cookie to obtain the username in chat is now encrypted and can only be decrypted using Woltlab classes. To avoid pulling multiple Woltlab libraries in chat, we created a bridge file that extracts userID, userName and RankID, adds a security hash and puts all this in a cookie that can be read from chat. The new method works with any 5.x version of Woltlab.

Integration in the text below refers to your website URL. Do not copy/paste blindly.

  1. Have you read carefully Before you begin above? All clear?

  2. if you are running BlaB! AX Pro prior to 21.09 - download, unzip and replace chat/ext/wcf.php with this one.

  3. Download, unzip blab-wcf-bridge.php, open it with a text editor:

    • Replace xxx with a random string longer than 10 symbols.
    • Replace chat with the full URL to the chat folder:

    Upload the file in the main Woltlab folder. You can rename blab-wcf-bridge.php to chat.php or whatever you see fit.

  4. Open chat/config.php and set the same random string at the bottom of the file. From BlaB! AX Pro version 21.09 you have $BlabWCF_BridgeSecret set to xxx. A config.php file prior to v21.09 - you have to add the whole line:

  5. Go to BlaB! AX Pro AdminCP » Integration and set:

    • Bulletin Board or CMS you want to integrate with: Woltlab Suite
    • Session or other cookie set by your BB or CMS: BlabWCFbridgeCookie
    • Woltlab MySQL table prefix, probably: wcf1_
    • Where to redirect not-logged in users:
    • Review the other variables and SAVE
  6. Go to BlaB! AX Pro AdminCP » Groups and click on Delete and link groups.

  7. If you are logged onto Woltlab, you should be able to enter the chat directly with your Woltlab username.

  8. How to embed BlaB! AX Pro in Woltlab Suite:

    • Go to Woltlab ACP » Content » Pages and add a new page:
      • Parent: Dashboard
      • name and custom URL: chat
      • Content:
        <iframe src="" border="0" frameborder="0" style="width:100%;height:400px;border-width:0px"></iframe>
    • Go to Woltlab ACP » Content » Menus » Main Menu » Menu Items and add a new item:
      • Parent: No Selection
      • Name: Chat
      • Page: chat

Page updated: 2022-10-05
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