Multi Channel Setup

You can install multiple copies of BlaB! AX Pro in the same database. Make sure that you specify a different MySQL table prefix when you install the additional channels. Integrate your additional channels of BlaB! AX Pro to the one installed first or integrate with a forum / CMS. Links between the channels can be set using the Custom Tab feature under Admin CP ยป Additions.

By default users in the multiple channels have separate avatars, mottos, uploads, doodles and offline messages. In case you need avatars, mottos, uploads, doodles and offline messages to be shared between the channels:

  1. Move /avatars and /attachments folders outside the channel folders:

  2. Edit config.php of all channels:

    $xpath_av_dir = '../shared_avatars';  // avatars directory, no trailing slashes
    $xpath_at_dir = '../shared_attachments';  // attachments directory, no trailing slashes
  3. Edit config.php of the slave channels, set the table prefix of the master channel:


Page updated: 2022-10-05
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